A TRUE GENTLEMAN in the right place

04/11/2022 |

Miguel Leão the creator of BELARMINO barbershop went from a financial controller who practiced boxing from one of the best barbers in Lisbon.
A TRUE GENTLEMAN in the right place


in the heart of Lisbon

So, when you come to Lisbon, stop by Belarmino. There you can get classic cuts, trim and shave beards with a razor and hot towel. Where often, friendships are made. It’s the result of traditional, friendly service.
In the bygone days of Belarmino, the great Lisbon boxer, the hard and sometimes harsh life was not enough to bring men down. It wasn’t wealth that made the gentleman: it was ethics, work, pride, propriety.

“There goes a gentleman”

In the classic Belarmino barbershop the spirit is more or less like this: it doesn’t matter what history and fortune the man has. When he gets up from one of the Belmont chairs, he is ready to hear, as he turns a corner in Lisbon or any other city in the world: “There goes a gentleman”. 

Project details:

Name: Belarmino
Date: 2022
Location: Lisbon, Portugal
Collection: Gents Collection
Model: BICAchair XL