Beyond the Legacy. The first of it’s kind!

20/04/2021 |

Respecting the legacy that has made the BICAchair a design icon, we introduce the BICAlounge. A new family member that grows not only in size but also in comfort, quality and above all, ambition. The first lounge version of the famous Portuguese chair that intends to enter your life in new ways.
Beyond the Legacy. The first of it’s kind!

An elegant lounge chair that maintains the same character and strength that BICA Design is known for with a more relax ergonomics and additional comfort. Their generous proportions provide comfortable seating as well as unique and exclusive design.

To offer additional choices and complementing our collection we created BICAlounge! A missing piece in our collections.

Design by Alexandre Caldas, the BICAlounge was the base of inspiration for the P.R. Lounge Chair presented at AROUNDtheTREE portfolio that won several International Design Awards.

This Lounge armchair is worth mentioning not only because it is super comfortable but also very elegant. At the same time, its simplicity makes it highly versatile and suitable for both formal and casual occasions. It offers maximum comfort and achieves that without being too robust or looking bulky.

It becomes the first LOUNGE version of this chair’s history and it turns out to be the expansion of an Icon, which transcends the original and expands its life path and history.

DESIGNER`s Perspective

Is always a great responsibility when reinterpreting a good design icon! Managing to develop something new while respecting the original and trying somehow to further enhance its legacy is a complex process, very challenging and not always easy. However, if we do a good job pursuing that, what is born afterwards can be an historical extension of the original creating its own identity.

If we succeed the new version can also leave a legacy in history, after all a classic is something new that will last in time.

We believe that BICAlounge will be that New Classic!

TECHNICAL: Metal Tube structure 28mmx2mm
DIMENTIONS: 800x700x800
DESIGNER: Alexandre Caldas