Casa do Pateo – Azores
Design & Arquitetura

19/08/2021 |

BICAchair has been around the world, but it is always gratifying when it is loved in its home country. When a design dating back from the 1950s meets a wonderful 19th-century Historical Building, the result is amazing.
Casa do Pateo – Azores <br>Design & Arquitetura

This project in the Azores Island in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean, where these two worlds (Design and Architecture) meet in perfect symbiosis with elegance and good taste, preserving the original soul in what it has best!

A 19th-century heritage!

Much of Ponta Delgada’s most historic architecture dates to the early 19th century: a boom-time for Sao Miguel’s farmers. These grand townhouses were commissioned by the island’s orchard magnates when the Azores was the main exporter of citrus fruit to the UK.
It is with great pleasure that we see more of these wonderful buildings restored to their former glory.
The brothers João Pedro and Joaquim Amaral have previously demonstrated their appreciation of classic architecture with their restoration of Casa das Palmeiras.

Casa do Pateo: clean, elegant décor preserving the original building and allowing its architecture to shine.

Project Details:

Type: Hotel – Charming House
Project Name: Casa do Pateo
Collection: Outdoor Collection – Classic
Location: São Miguel, Açores