Outdoor Collection

It gives back to the Portuguese chair its origin, with modernity and comfort.

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We bring the pleasure of spending hours on a terrace, into our private sphere.

Outdoor Collection

Born in the terraces of Lisbon, the Portuguese chair has been the seat of poets, artists, politicians, students, friends and families over the years. The terraces are a meeting point that can transform a simple conversation into a great moment. The BICAchair allows you to make a terrace in your own home.

With the Outdoor collection, we take the pleasure of spending hours on a terrace, into our private sphere. Our own terrace, without the conditioning of time and circumstances, becomes the ideal excuse for a healthy gathering between family and friends.

DNA forged in the streets of Lisbon

Perpetuate a vintage spirit

The Portuguese Chair, in its classic version, has its DNA forged in the streets and sidewalks of Lisbon. What BICAchair intends to do is to perpetuate the Vintage spirit that always has been its main characteristic, at the same time reinventing itself and adapting to a more particular and current approach, with modern and relaxed colors.

Priority to quality, durability and comfort

Quality and durability

For the Outdoor Line, we opted for the original Portuguese chair made of IPÊ wood slats (weather resistant tropical wood) and upholstered seats with nautical fabric, which gives it a more welcoming look. Highly durable, for outdoor use, the entire line uses an ecological anti-corrosion treatment process. The use of dry pickling, with fire metallization, allows for a greater coating adherence, at the same time, it does not use water or chemicals in its entire process.

We use stainless steel screws to fix both seats and slats, which allows for much greater durability. As for wood, our bet is on natural fruit-based oil, because they allow the materials to breathe throughout their service life without ever losing their original characteristics.

The natural oils that we use are so good, that we could actually eat them!

Natural fruit-based oils

Our philosophy of choice is to use highly effective yet ecological and harmless products for both humans, animals and, our environment.

All the nut and vegetable-based oils used in the brands we work with have food grade classification. This means that, all of the components used in oil making present such a high quality standard that are considered safe for human consumption.

As a result, our natural products may be slightly more expensive than their chemical made equivalents, but we rest assure that they are of the highest quality and made with the best available ingredients.

NOTE: we were kidding about the “eating them”, we do know that there are plenty of delicious gastronomic options out there!

It’s Growing


To offer additional choices and complementing our collection we created BICAlounge! A piece that maintains the same character that BICA design has got us used to but now with additional comfort.

With new and larger dimensions, the BICAlounge provide a superior level of comfort, and a new impact with high-end powerful finishes. A missing piece in our collections. An elegant and full of character design, its generous proportions provide comfortable seating as well as unique and exclusive design.

BicaLounge Classic
BicaLounge Classic
BicaLounge Classic

Get away from the hustle

Sometimes you just want to get away from the hustle, enjoy the weather and read a good book in peace. With BICAlounge, you can redefine the way you spend time outdoors on your own. Pick the ottoman, equipped with natural IPE wood and simple relax.

A Clear Vision of what we want to share

There are two things that BICAchair is never short of: the desire to create and a clear vision of what we want to share. With this in mind, we began to focus on designing and expanding the family members.

we began to draw a new path… a world with more members on it!

Available Combinations

Classic Espresso lpê

Green Beige lpê

Melon Yellow lpê

Oyster White lpê

Pastel Green lpê

Salmon Pink lpê

Sandstone lpê

Strawberry Red lpê

Turquoise lpê

Water Blue lpê

Admiral lpê

Basil lpê

BICAchair is available for sale in several stores and can also be ordered by contacting us.






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BICAtable 3

BICAtable 3 High

BICAtable Square

BICAtable Square XL