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Naturally the right choice

Pioneer in the use of cork on furniture

BICAchair been using Cork in our furniture for a long time and we can now proudly say that we are pioneers in this art.
In collaboration with the cork industry in Portugal, we have created a collection made from natural cork, totally handmade. This new collection of chairs,
stools and lounge chairs, is one more step forward. Besides being elegant and inspiring this resource renew itself every 9 years.

It was through a deep contemplation of nature that the colour palette of the cork collection was inspired. A natural balance between colour and texture can be seen and felt in the upholstery and also in the metal structure.

Zero Waste

All cork bits and pieces are used

BICAchair fuses comfort with one of the most sustainable materials in the world… Cork. Its soft textures and natural beauty alone makes it a perfect match for this chair, but cork is so much more than that. Cork is 100% natural, reusable and recyclable, making it one of the most sustainable materials in the world. There is zero waste when referring to cork. All cork’s bits and pieces are ultimately going to be used and nothing goes to waste.

With an excellent thermal insulation, it is also hypoallergenic (does not absorb dust particles) and impermeable. It has an excelent resistence to fire and abrasion, and yet, it does not stain.

The combination of these design icon and cork tradition, makes this a unique and exclusive collection. A proud statement of our brand that It’s not only a design piece but also as a practical example of our brand values.

Why Cork?

One of Nature`s most extraordinary materials

It presents itself as a real alternative to traditional fabric due to the final result. It fills a market niche and it provides a sophisticated look and luxurious touch.

Cork is also easy to clean (just wipe with a damp cloth) and it is highly resistant to water and stains. Now can you imagine,that cork is the outer bark of the cork oak tree and only the main tree’s bark is used, and it takes 9 years for the new bark to be ready to be harvested again.

Over the course of its lifetime, which on average lasts 200 years, it may be stripped around 17 times.

So, the choice is simple … WHY NOT?

For who you are

Choose from our textured paints with earth like tones. Combine it with your favourite cork pattern and let your unique BICAcork, reveal a little bit about you.

We still make it by hand

It’s a work of art

It is incredible that even with so much technology, the most beautiful natural cork patterns are still made by using the same ancestral techniques and machinery.

This art, more than a century old, is still the one that allows us today to have such distinctive handmade cork patterns, requiring only creativity in both production and application. Presenting a collection with cork upholstery is not only Innovation, it is also humanizing the experience and bringing our interior closer to nature in order to make it warmer and more welcoming.

And Tables?

Keep it Simple

Imagine a dining table with the top in walnut veneer supported by a stylish metal legs, an iconic Portuguese table for 2, or for those who prefer a simpler table, just contact us and we find a solution for your needs.

Yes you can!

Wine loves Cork

Wine discovered long ago that cork is naturally impermeable and we have learned from it. So asking if cork will stain makes no sense. However, to put our friends and customers more relaxed, we have added an extra layer of protection to protect it from wearing out. Essentially cork behaves just like wood, it breathes, oxidizes, and naturally ages for many good years, but don`t stain.

Available Combinations

Champagne Mescla

Oxidiezed Bark Pinion

Expresso Worm

Olive Craft

BICAchair is available for sale in several stores and can also be ordered by contacting us.

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