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Art is purposefully provocative.
Intentionally emotional

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Art is purposefully provocative. Intentionally emotional

Art and Design

Artists and designers share the same fundamental visual principles. Color, shape, line, balance, contrast or rhythm are primary building blocks, which they use and work with to create visual experiences. Although the relationship between Art and Design is not always peaceful, both require immense creativity, a keen sense of aesthetics and style, emotional intelligence and the ability to tell a story through ones’ work.

Art is purposefully provocative. It is intentionally emotional. Each stroke of a pen, a smudge of coal or a splash of paint it aims to arouse a reaction in the viewer. These are concepts that BICAchair designers understand and claim as their own when creating collections or designing products.

The luxurious velvets and vibrant colors collection

Delight Collection

Betting on bold colors and luxurious fabrics aims at imposing a visual motivation, which keeps us alert and predisposed to our creative side, at the same time, the touch of velvet, gives us an almost relaxing feeling of softness.

The Delight collection assumes relevance in its space of insertion precisely because of that contrast between velvet and vibrant colors.

The missing tribute

An artistic provocation

BICAchair was part of the lives of so many of us and will continue to leave its legacy for many years to come. For this sole reason, we believe that, out of all the tributes and homages paid, there is still the need to take a bigger and larger step. It deserves a painting; it deserves a poem, a song, etc…

We leave the artistic provocation to all art lovers out there, to, not only use and abuse this icon for its versatility, but also to use it as inspiration.

A world with more lounge to it!  

It becomes the first lounge version of this chair’s history. It turns out to be the expansion of an icon, which transcends the original and expands its life path and history.

If a classic is always something new that will last in time, we believe that BICAlounge will be that new classic!

Available Combinations

BICAchair - Delight - Melon Yellow Turquoise

Melon Yellow Turquoise

BICAchair - Delight - Oyster White Cabaret

Oyster White Cabaret

BICAchair - Delight - Strawberry Red Ivory

Strawberry Red Ivory

BICAchair - Delight - Water Blue Ginger

Water Blue Ginger

BICAchair is available for sale in several stores and can also be ordered by contacting us.




BICAtable Central 45

BICAtable Central 75

BICAtable Central 105

BICAtable 3

BICAtable 3 High

BICAtable Square

BICAtable Square XL

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