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A classic, rethought for a Gentleman

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A classic, rethought for a Gentleman

Culture, elegance and class

Gentleman: from the French gentil homme which represents the man of impeccable conduct, who has finesse, good education, culture, elegance and class in dealing with everyone around him. This reborn design is a tribute to all those who have something of a Gentleman inside them.

Admittedly inspired by the custom spirit

Gents Collection

The diamond pattern, admittedly inspired by custom motorcycles, gives this collection elegance and character. This spirit is often characterized by the transformation of classics into something new and vibrant.

It is about turning something into a product that we want to live with on a daily basis adapted to the personality of its user. It means adding value and extending the personality of the person who owns it.

The first lounge of its kind


Respecting the legacy that has made the BICAchair a design icon, we introduce the BICAlounge.

A new family member that grows not only in size but also in comfort, quality and above all, ambition. The first lounge version of the famous Portuguese chair that intends to enter your life in new ways.

An elegant lounge chair that maintains the same character and strength that BICA Design is known for with a more relax ergonomics and additional comfort.

Elegance and character by the experienced hands of masters

Quality materials, detailed finishing.

Based on the old Tailors’ art, the GENTS collection relies on the experienced hands of old masters who prioritize the search for perfection and strive for details.

With a choice of the highest available quality in materials used and a powerful finishing, it stands more beautiful, more elegant and perfectly adapted to the life that surrounds us. The impressive attention given to both details and chosen materials makes the BICAchair GENTS chair a modern and breathtaking model.

The true value of a classic derives from its history and service life.

Eco-friendly production

Albeit colors and tones, on a subliminal way, can evoke mystery, authority, strength and seriousness, it is the choice of materials and finishes that allow greater durability and service life in order to achieve a status of “classic”, the Samblé range gives the structure a unique touch of texture whilst on the upholstery, in addition to high density foams, we use Vintage leather from Camira Fabrics. A natural leather, exquisitely soft to the touch, with its origins in Western Europe.

This elegant product, with a pigmented grain effect, basically does not require maintenance because it has a water-based sealant for added protection.

Social responsibility cannot be optional; hence, our close and constant association with social and environmental causes according to each collection and its characteristics.

Because it is great to have a new prespective on things

Diferent perspective

60 years after the appearance of the chair, BICAchair comes to show the versatility of the lines for which it is known for, in a new approach. Today, the BICA family grows with several new pieces always inspired without distorting the original design. So 2 new members are born BICAstool and BICAlounge.


The GENTS collection comes with four combinations that no one is indifferent to. But like any true custom, we give the opportunity to customize your own BICAchair, being able to choose between the various options. It has four colors for the structure that can be combined with four different leather tones. Let your BICAchair Gents reflect your personality and fall in love with this design classic all over again.

Available Combinations

BICAchair - Gents - Admiral Toffee

Admiral Toffee

BICAchair - Gents - Basil Truffles

Basil Truffles

BICAchair - Gents - Espresso British Green

Espresso British Green

BICAchair - Gents - Sandstone Vines

Sandstone Vines

BICAchair is available for sale in several stores and can also be ordered by contacting us.





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BICAtable Central 75

BICAtable Central 45

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