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Nordic inspiration for minimalist decor.

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Nordic inspiration for minimalist decor.

Inborn Collection

Straightforward and uncomplicated lines are the main characteristics of the Inborn collection. It uses soft colors and blending materials in a natural way, with simpler interiors, without imposing its presence, as the minimalist decor calls for.

The world recognizes today, something that the Nordic people have known and practiced for generations: the concept of “less is more“. It was from this simple thought that the Inborn line was born, where the highlights are, the harmonious choice between colors, tones and fabrics that we are accustomed to appreciate in the Nordic decoration.


Metal Structure

Azko-Nobel 100% Polyester
High density foam

It is not by chance that Nordic people have the highest rate of happiness in the world.

Minimalism: the concept

The main objective of Nordic design, which is based on the concept of minimalism, is to improve everyday life by eliminating the surrounding excesses. Having a simpler and cleaner house, both in space and visual noise, tends to reflect on an organized and uncomplicated mind and, in turn, in a happier experience.

“One should be in harmony with his / her environment, and things should be made to last rather than to be replaced”.

The Nordic minimalism is also about sustainability.


The Inborn concept, on its entirety, is build based upon this maxim. Above any aesthetic matters, the choice of materials used must follow the vision of a sustainable future. That is why the main material for BICAchairs is steel, which today, has a well-organized global network, responsible for a recycling capacity of 98%.

In addition, CAMIRA’s ERA line was the obvious choice to meet the concepts of minimalism and sustainability. This line offers a 10-year warranty and is made entirely with recycled materials. In addition, it has a discreet contemporary texture, while its coloring technique provides soft and relaxing tones. This monochromatic concept adds light and does not collide with the space where it is inserted, increasing its durability.

Available Combinations

BICAchair - Inborn - Green Beige Lifetime

Green Beige Lifetime

BICAchair - Inborn - Pastel Green Notation

Pastel Green Notation

BICAchair - Inborn - Pastel Turquoise Aeon

Pastel Turquoise Aeon

BICAchair - Inborn - Salmon Pink Sequence

Salmon Pink Sequence

BICAchair is available for sale in several stores and can also be ordered by contacting us.

Through the Inborn collection, we support the Lisbon Architecture Triennial

Social responsibility

BICAchair is a brand that has always present the need to contribute to a sustainable future and to a conscious society, whether through the materials used in furniture production or in sharing a social responsibility. As such, we contribute to causes we feel we have a connection with.

With the Inborn collection, we support the Lisbon Architecture Triennial. We recognize its importance in a modern society and we take part by helping in the investigation, support and promotion of architectural thought and practice so that Portuguese brands can position themselves in the international cultural circuit.

The Lisbon Architecture Triennial takes place every three years and is responsible for bringing together a huge forum for debate with several presentations transversal to various disciplines. It is a way of sharing knowledge and establish a proximity between the public and the speakers who are themselves, references in the area.




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BICAtable Central 75

BICAtable Central 105

BICAtable 3

BICAtable 3 High

BICAtable Square

BICAtable Square XL

BICAtable Dine