We believe that design plays an important role on people’s lives.


BICAchair does not want to abandon the roots of the original chair, but rather provide it with a new set of features that will allow it a whole new indoors presence. A perfect chair is the one that allows us to be part of lengthy conversations whilst keeping us comfortable hours in a row. Although being often unnoticed, it is in moments like these that design proves to be of fundamental importance to help sharing stories and experiences.

Life is made of moments. Being able to share them is one of our greatest pleasures.

The BICAchair intends to be more than a furniture brand and aims to elevate the Portuguese chair to an international level, making it available, collectible and accessible to anyone.

We intend to promote sharing moments between people in a sustainable and responsible way.

BICAchair brand principles

BICAchair brand’s philosophy is based upon four fundamental pillars: design as a storyteller, environmental and social responsibility as a global duty, the customer being our first concern and waranty as an indisputable added value.

The design that encourages sharing

We want to continue the legacy of the typical Portuguese chair, reinventing the way it presents itself, and taking it from the streets to the interior, with comfort and elegance. Our intention is to take into our homes the spirit of well-being and conviviality, so characteristic of the country’s terraces.

Responsabilidade ambiental e social BICAchair

Environmental and social responsibility

We are all responsible for our choices and the impact that they will have on our society. Our actions must be thought out and executed globally.

Our long experience, supported by new technologies, makes us believe that a good design is one that is made of materials that allow the product to pass through several generations. We believe that parts with a longer lifespan have a more positive environmental impact. We therefore seek to work with small local producers and have a critical and demanding voice in the search for sustainable solutions and greater respect for the environment.

In addition to sustainability, we also base our conduct on social responsibility. Each of our collections is linked to an association, solidarity cause or donation campaign, according to its message and production characteristics.

BICAchair is based on the “customer first” policy.

Customer satisfaction: style and character

We value our customer, on his individuality above all, therefore, we give our best to have our collections displaying distinguish and specific styles to reflect different personalities. We take the concept of costumer support beyond the elaboration of our collections. We involve the customer in the entire process, from product selection to delivery, ensuring their satisfaction.


We assume. Our metal frame chair has a lifetime warranty. This is a simple point and not open for discussion. We want to create products for life because we do believe that the absence of problems is the best service we can provide to our customers.