Visit our New Showroom!

29/10/2020 |

Be sure to visit our showroom in Lisbon. BICAchair and AROUNDtheTREE Design partnership. In partnership with AROUNDtheTREE Design, BICAchair is exhibiting its GENTS collection, now available to share with you!
Visit our New Showroom!

BICAchair’s original and innovative design allows for a perfect and elegant environment when combined with other pieces. The combination of BICAchair Gents and AROUNDtheTREE Design’s Roly-Poly Table is an example of this.

Schedule a visit and discover style and comfort firsthand!

Find out more about our collections and get to know the iconic AROUNDtheTREE Design pieces, including the Portuguese Roots Chair, a Portuguese icon inspired by the original Portuguese chair, BICAchair!